Month: May 2014

USH’s first outdoor coaster!

Every theme park has this, and it’s about time we get one. An outdoor coaster. Sure, it’s a kiddie coaster, but it’s something. Flight of the Hippogriff will accompany Wizarding World in 2016, and it will be different than Florida’s. The Florida version is built by Vekoma and has a top speed of 29 MPH, so take that as a rough estimate.
Image Credit: Universal Orlando Website


The Impact of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Read this for a quick refresher on Potter: http://articles.lati…tudios-04201325

So obviously we’re short on space. If we’re smart about it, we can get to an IOA size. (Vertical building anyone?) Anyway Transformers boosted USH attendance 30% total (with a little King Kong help, and factoring in some other stuff) witch was nothing short of amazing. Now I’m a Transformers fanboy, but HP has a ton of recognition which will boost USH’s numbers by a ton. We are 17 in the world, needless to say, we’ve come a long way. (For reference, IOA is 10, and we’re catching up to USF at 16) I think this will impact USH’s attendance by 25-30%. More people = more money put into the park.  With some good marketing, and some undoubtedly amazing numbers, we might get an expansion to our beloved park.

Thanks to Collider for the photo.Image