The Simpsons

Hello all! It’s been a while since I posted, I was busy with finals. Now it’s summer! Expect more frequent posts and bug me when I don’t. Anyways, I’ve always not been particularly fond of  Back to The Future Simpsons The Ride. However, I am excited for the move into lands for USH, and so I’m excited for the Springfield expansion.

Based off of the very popular Fast Food Blvd. over at Universal Studios Florida, our version will be larger than Orlando’s (for once!) Among others, it will feature a two story restaurant with an intricate facade of Springfield. It is worth noting that “Flaming Moe’s” at Moe’s Tavern will essentially replace Energon, which was recently taken out of the park.

This completes Simpson’s Plaza’s extensive refurb, which began last year with new carnival games.

All photos credit to: Inside Universal

image image image

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