Photo (not really an) Update

I say “not really an update” because this was supposed to be out the 27th. September 27th. So, let’s call this a “Photo Revisit” from the park just about 2 months ago.


Entering the Entertainment Capital of L.A.!


How Hogsmeade looked two months ago. Courtesy of Jon Fu from IU (Yes that rhymed deal with it), here’s how it looks today:

IMG_2071 image

A new Brightbox power station near guest relations. It allows you to charge your Android and other mobile devices for a $2.99 fee while you enjoy the park.


A really cool Dyson Airblade Tap. You can wash your hands, then dry them, without moving an inch! This is the future, people.


Another look at Hogsmeade and the lovely promo sign and foliage blocking it off.


The HUMONGOUS Forbidden Journey show building. It has also progressed quickly: (courtesy of Jon Fu from IU)


And lastly, we end the day by being stranded on Jurrasic Park for an hour, and receiving one time use Gate A passes.


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